Matipro has the purpose to support and enable small business owners to achieve
their sales and business goals and objectives and offer the following services:

Improvement of B2B sales

Improvement of the client’s sales through:

  • Developing sales strategies and/or
  • Managing your sales force.
  • As a key focus, we also offer an intermediary sales representation services to improve your business to business sales performance.
  • Accepts appointment on a commission basis only remuneration to take the risk away from yourself.

Resolving general management issues

Consulting business owners on general management issues to grow their businesses
with the emphasis on:

  • Problem solving;
  • Strategic planning (including the marketing and financial elements thereof);
  • Development of general policies and procedures
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  • Strategic Plans for Growth
    • Mission, vision, values and goals
    • Situation and gap analysis
    • SMART goals and Monitor plan
    • Marketing and sales plan including:
      • Products and services
      • Target market/s
      • Channels of distribution
      • Pricing
      • Communication strategy
      • Customer relationship management policies and procedures
    • Production/procurement plan
    • IT support plan
    • PRO plan
    • Resources and Administration plan
    • Human Resource plan
    • Financial plan
      • Budget
      • Cash Flow
      • Financing

Consulting on commercial property issues

  • Consulting on fixed property issues include:
    • The location of one’s business;
      • As a key focus area we offer to undertake your lease audit and renegotiation of lease
      • The fee is commission only based on the improvement in your lease obligation.
    • Commercial property investments;

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  • Property Development
    • Included in the feasibility study and recommendation, the following:

      • Location and site details
      • Town planning & legal aspects
      • View on market conditions
      • Development proposal; concept design etc.
      • Feasibility
    • Financial
    • Project planning
    • Building costs
    • Financing
    • Taxation
    • Sensitivity analysis
      • Marketing proposition
  • Property Asset Management
  • Assessing and strategising the following issues:

    • Defining the objectives, aims, targets and budgets of portfolio
    • Risk analysis
    • Develops medium to long-term strategic plans which include:
      • Investment analysis and capital improvement plans
      • Positioning of the property and marketing plans
      • Refurbishment and Redevelopment Strategies
    • Defining maintenance and usage standards per building/portfolio
    • Investor and major stakeholder relationship strategies
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Regulations and Obligations
  • Property Management
  • The effectiveness and efficiencies of the day-to-day operations of the property portfolio including:

    • Systems and procedures
    • Tenant relationship management and retention programs
    • Marketing and new lettings strategies
    • Property value maintenance (Asset Care)
    • Financial responsibilities which include:
      • Budgeting and reporting
      • Expense control
      • Collections of deposits, fees, rental and other charges
    • Risk management
    • Maintenance of records
  • Facilities Management
    • Inspections of Building and Fabric
    • Mechanical and infrastructure services such as roads, air conditioning and lifts
    • Other services

Implementation of strategies, plans & tactics

We assist in the implementation of the strategies, plans and tactics including:

  • Change management
  • Freelance sales representation
  • Implementation of strategies


Others offer mostly computer or IT driven solutions, “one fits all” and “best practise” programmes etc. Although we have developed formulas and models, we still prefer a personal no-frills and practical approach to each and every business owner’s unique style and a unique approach to any problem – no one solution fits all. We also believe we understand the risk and cash flow challenges small business owners face hence our offer for instance to engage in a business intermediary agreement on a sales commission basis only.

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