About us

Our clients are busy and passionate small business owners who from time to time struggle to achieve everything they want to accomplish. Whether it is due to self-reliance or lack of resources, skills or previous exposure; or experience of the full business environment and functions, busy and passionate small business owners struggle from time to time to achieve everything they want to accomplish.

Most business owners understand the value of assistance by an objective external party to help solving a particular problem in; or help to develop a strategic or sales plan to grow or restructure its business in a custom designed way, or the assistance in the most important element in the success of the business namely enhancing sales and at a low financial risk.

Matipro have seasoned consultants and a talented team of business and sales practitioners with a combined consulting experience of 25 years during which period we have helped our clients to grow their investments, business and profits. Though our methods may be complex, our goal is simple: we want to help you grow your business and sell your product to more customers.


The mission is to be the trusted consulting partner of small business enterprises advising and assisting with growing their sales and businesses in a structured way.

Secondly to be the trusted consulting partner of owners and prospective property owners advising on their property accommodation and investment needs including the development and/or management of their commercial property holdings


The purpose of Matipro is to deliver high quality outcome based services both in appearance and content aiming to provide affordable professional services to the business owner. We want a culture of growth, profitability and enthusiasm throughout Matipro for and on behalf of our customers.


We have more than 60 years of experience in many different business disciplines in different hierarchical levels of business (including Board appointments of public companies) and senior levels in business and quasi government institutions, supported by appropriate academic qualifications. We also have associate agreements with professionals in disciplines that may become necessary to engage in setting the plans or finding solutions or implementing same if so required.

Successfully completed engagements include consultations on:
Strategic and business planning including one for the establishment of a commercial fish farm;
Mass housing modeling;
Commercial property developments, sales and ongoing management, funding and consortiums;
Establishment of new property asset management facility;
Sale and distribution of consumer goods (b2b);
Relocation of premises and site establishment analysis;
Risk analysis and management;
Development of company general policies and procedures; to mention a few
for entities such as Murray & Roberts, Hallmark Asset Management, ACSA, Busler, Credenda, Green Dot Homes, Louis Coetzee Golf Academy, Volvik SA, Riverwalk, Love Life and Linkline.


Entrepreneurs are very special persons with qualities that are envied by many salaried persons. But also as normal people, have certain strengths and preferences and on the other hand some lesser acumen and dislikes; the latter to be supported and/or covered by someone else and preferably at the lowest possible risk to the enterprise. This is where Matipro believes it could play a supporting role to the benefit of the business owner. Our purpose is thus to rather develop long term relationships with our customers than to make a quick return on a service rendered. We do not profess to have all the answers nor do we know your target market better than you BUT we have the will and determination to work together with you, lighten the burden and in conjunction achieve with you. We prefer to associate with winners!

If you feel held back by the lack of achieving the growth of your business or find the correct solution to your management problem or need someone to take on the tasks you do not have the time, inclination or desire to do, then Matipro may just may be the solution and would appreciate it if we could schedule a time to talk more about your challenges and explore how we may be able to work together in achieving your success.

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